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T,E.D. (Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction). A large interactive multimedia work created by Sean Hathaway. Music by Carlos Severe Marcelin.


Aeolian Companion for chamber ensemble, by Carlos Severe Marcelin, from the album "Woman with Spider"


Sally's Comic Strip,
The Chronicle of Whee


Sally Tomato's rock opera Toy Room involved over 30 volunteers. It is a testament to the comraderie and dedication to independent art. Please support the arts.


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Led Zeppelin III

by Sally Tomato and Friends

Sally Tomato has brought together over 20 amazing Portland musicians to help perform this classic album. Engineer Dave Friedlander, who has worked with Prince, Pink Martini and many other bands has done an amazing job capturing the true vibe of the album and Sally Tomato has blended a newness to the songs and an excitement about the project that leaves the listener rediscovering these great songs. Guests include Steve Wilkinson (Wilkinson Blades), Drew Norman (Professor Gall), Paul Masvidal (Cynic), Roger Bueno (The English Beat), Ben Shroeder, Hamilton Sims (Little Beirut), Edwin Paroissien (Little Beirut), Monica Arce, Pete Vercellotti (Wavesauce), Michele "Cookie" Heile (Wavesauce), Dan Gero, Chris Rich (The Poseurs), Keelan Paroissien-Arce, SP Clarke, James Faretheewell, and the Valkyrie Choral Ensemble. Available 10/29 on ITunes.


Saints and Sinners

New Orleans, six years after Katrina

The fifth episode in the "Tomato Travels" musical documentary series. Click here to watch the short film. Click here for the trailer.

A rejuvenated and vibrant New Orleans is juxtaposed against first-hand accounts of its grim situation 6 years prior. Part music video, part documentary, 'Saints and Sinners' is a hybrid film that compares opposites. As you may begin to wonder, 'Who are the saints, and who are the sinners?', the humanity within the people of the city itself shines through and the answer is clear.

Sally Tomato's Turkish Delight

Episode 6 of "Tomato Travels"

The amazing country of Turkey is examined in Tomatovision. Click below to watch.







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