My Dirty Left Foot
By Sally Tomato

This 15-minute film by the performance art group Sally Tomato revolves around founders Sally Tomato and Carlos Severe Marcelin's trip to the United Kingdom,where they attend the British premiere of their award-winning rock opera film "Toy Room" at two international film festivals. The mayhem which ensues is thoughtfully juxtaposed with the introspection accompanying these two outsiders on their voyage.

From the massive parties by the Thames in London to the quiet, rolling hills of Wales, "My Dirty Left Foot" packs a concentrated dose of cosmopolitan flavor and unadulterated natural beauty into a short visual and audio escapade. Bewildered and amazed, Sally soaks in the fast-paced blur of the Big City before embarking on a search for her Welsh ancestry. She winds her way through the vintage medieval landscape of middle England, then makes the obligatory stop at Stonehenge on her way back to the states. Sally Tomato continues to forge its own path in the art world with this unique and entertaining addition to the travel series "The Travelling Tomato" (which includes "ExplOregon" and "UFO am I").

Carlos Severe Marcelin: Producer, Cameras, Editing, Music
Sally Tomato: Host, Co-Producer

“United" - written by Carlos Severe Marcelin
"Mind the Gap" - variation on the theme from "United"
"Mirador Crescent" - written by Carlos Severe Marcelin
"White Daisies" - written by Sally Tomato
"Escalator" - written by Sally Tomato and arranged by Carlos Severe Marcelin
"Still a Mystery" - written by Sally Tomato and Carlos Severe Marcelin
"Do Your Stones Hang Low?" - traditional

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My Dirty Left Foot


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