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The Poseurs

Severe Recording artists The Poseurs got their song Turn Again on UK magazine's Heavy Soul Sampler Volume 3. Singer-songwriter Chris Rich has it going on. Click here to read the review.

The single "Broken Machine" from Sally Tomato's rock opera Toy Room is featured on the compilation Females on Fire, Volume 3, on Warrior Girl Music.


Led Zeppelin III

(2014) Sally Tomato and Friends present an interpretation of this classic album. Features over 20 amazing musicians from Portland and beyond. Live version and video coming soon.



(2012) Sally Tomato's Pidgin takes you on a mostly instrumental tour of our Solar System. Take the sonic journey.

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One Night

(2011) What do a girl, a guy, a guitar, a roaring fireplace, a dog, Cesar E. Chavez and the Norman SB200 Stomp Box have in common? They are all on this EP, recorded in the Severe living room in Portland, Oregon one night.

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Toy Room

(2008) An autobiographical glimpse into Sally Tomato's evocative and iconoclastic life. Colorful characters weave through the music as the story's timeless theme evolves over the course of four finely crafted acts of this ethereally moving rock opera.
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Woman with Spider

(2008) Symphonic Chamber music and synthesizers alternate on this crossover album filled with fantastic compositions.

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Rodeo Land

(2007) When Sally goes out with the Neons they sure do make the pony go. And when the Hot Rods arrive watch it, the leather comes out. The extended length single from the rock opera, "Toy Room, "Rodeo Land" was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2009 British Film Festival Los Angeles.

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The Instrument Cried,
Play Me

(2006) The debut EP is filled with Carlos' trademark modal guitar music. Features the 2006 Billboard World Music Awards honorable mention 'Talbot the Winged Warrior'.

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(2004) Urban legend Sally Tomato explores the human condition through unique perspectives, with a trademark twist. Features the epic "Original Barbie" as well as stories of vampires, stalkers, trains with wings, and aliens.

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(2000) The Debut EP by this award winning iconoclast. Hear Sally Tomato on the only acoustic recordings of the band before they went electric. Carlos and Sally perform duo versions of "Adopted by Aliens", "Nutty Buddies" and other gems.

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